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Di Maio is poised to win votes from the "Pibiano Party".

Di Maio is poised to win votes from the “Pibiano Party”.

There will also be a large crowd of center leftists Luigi Di Maio, who could run for the College of Modena for a seat in Parliament at Montesitorio. As Francesco Storase writes, this proposal would have been made directly by Enrico Letta, who on September 25 will try everything to overcome the center-right. The Dem secretary would be gifted a highly armored college but this solution does not appear to have been well received in the Democratic Party. And the reason is simple: Luigi Di Maio pointed the finger at “Bibbiano’s Party” three years ago.

A short circuit representing the confusion of the center-left, which tries all of them to try to overcome the center-right, even allied with former enemies. During his militancy in the 5-star movement, above all, during his frequent visits to the palaces, the foreign minister learned a part of that political art which relies above all on trickery: from Letta, in desperation, he received one of the safest colleges. But the Democratic Party’s hands, as Stores explains, “to guarantee a proportional list with Bruno Tabacci“.

Bruno Tabacci has already gone to meet Luigi Di Maio to break away from the 5-star movement, and on Monday there will be a confirmation of this particular alliance, the founder of the Democratic Center is ready to present the symbol. A parliamentary group born out of the withdrawal of the M5s. But this is not simple political aid based on a symbol, and it is not that simple. Bruno Tabasi and Luigi Di Maio will announce a real one in Rome on Monday political plan. “It will be a co-evolution for the future“, confirm from the minister’s entourage. Luigi Di Maio will no longer be forced to compete over time to collect the 60 thousand signatures required for those symbols that do not have autonomous representation in Parliament by August 22. , the deadline for submitting the lists.

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But the real surprise is that Luigi Di Maio will be running for a seat at Montessitorio, a boarding school a few kilometers from Pipiano. Of course, he didn’t have to campaign there because he wasn’t running for a senator, but the words he spoke years ago in those parts still ring loud in the ears of local Democrats: “I col Bibiano’s Feast I have nothing to do with it. At the party where Emilia Romagna took electrocuted children from their families to sell, I wanted nothing to do.“.