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Nothing is better than taking calcium and vitamins to help fight this terrible bone disease

Nothing is better than taking calcium and vitamins to help fight this terrible bone disease

Among the many diseases affecting a large part of the population, as recent studies have revealed, we certainly find osteoporosis. This systemic disease that reduces bone mass by modifying its internal structure has the effect of making bones more fragile and at risk of fractures. In fact, it is estimated that around 25000 broken every day for a total of about 9 million a year. In Italy alone, 25% of women over the age of 40 and 17% of men over the age of 60 are infected. But what is gratifying is the possibility of preventing this disease with certain behaviors.

3 simple rules

By “osteoporosis prevention” we mean those correct sports and nutritional habits that help reduce incidence: specifically, when taking steroids, when facing a genetic predisposition or during early menopause. In these cases, we must try to lead a healthy lifestyle that keeps the body as healthy as possible.

The three rules to follow would be: Avoid smoking completely, because this habit anticipates menopause and magnifies its effects on our bodies. The second rule is to maintain good physical shape through continuous sports activity. Finally, you’ll need a healthy diet, which focuses on maintaining a regular weight and healthy bones.

Nothing is better than taking calcium and vitamins to help fight this terrible bone disease

If the first of the three rules are self-explanatory, the other two require some small study. To combat and prevent osteoporosis, it will be very important to try to avoid frequent weight changes that put stress on the skeletal system. The necessary physical activity at high levels is not necessarily required, but just another small exercise that is not too complicated will suffice. We just have to prefer walking with the machine, or taking the stairs rather than using the elevator for great results in the long run. Burning fewer calories in this way will allow us to maintain a regular weight as well as improve the health of our heart, lungs and all muscles.

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As for the diet, nothing could be better than filling up on calcium-rich foods. Let’s talk about a variety of leafy vegetables and dried fruits to combine with the basic consumption of dairy products. Also, you should avoid eating items with high amounts of phosphorous, such as red meat and soft drinks, as they promote calcium loss.

By following these tips, there will be nothing better than filling in these items to finally forget about this terrible disease.


We pay close attention to tingling and numbness in the hands as they can be the first symptoms of some diseases to watch for.

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