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Noè Ponti returns to Ticino

Noè Ponti returns to Ticino

Definitely a painful decision, but ultimately liberating: Noe Ponte, who left last August for Raleigh to start an academic and athletic path with North Carolina State University, returns to Ticino, to start from his environment, from his loved ones, from the distance of who it was clear he was Harder than expected to break up. Also because, as Noah himself wanted to point out, the Olympic bronze for the Hundred Butterfly changed his life without having had enough time to realize its scope and reset its times and places. The race, the receptions, the parties, the departure to the United States, in the short period of a few weeks is very intense.

Some understandable difficulties to come to terms with, along with the deep thought made to the family and his “team”, once the emotional burden of the tumultuous months of July and August had disappeared, led Noè Ponti to mature the decision to go home (he will be in Ticino already on Tuesday). An academic path (to be determined) still in plans, for training depends on Massimo Meloni, Andrea Mercury and the rest of his crew.

“In recent weeks – as Noah says in a statement released via social media – I have had some difficulties that are also rooted in my experience in recent months. With the wonderful medal I won in Tokyo, my life has changed dramatically. I always remain Noah, with my values ​​and emotions, But it is undeniable that he experienced an acceleration from zero to a hundred in less than a second, without even having time to realize it. On my return to Switzerland and Ticino, I was greeted with enthusiasm and warmth by my family, all of you, the media and also by many people who may not have known Until recently I, but who are excited about my Japanese adventures.Between one interview, between ceremony and formal reception, I found myself packing my bags for my move to North Carolina, and, almost without realizing I had boarded a plane, I arrived at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. All without a moment of pause and detachment and without having time to explain what happened to me and is still happening to me.This month in the USA, instead of trying to understand what happened, I had to start getting to know many people and an environment that was inevitably different from mine , and start ja courses With me and a new path in competitive swimming, with new companions and coaches, who tried to welcome me in the best way. In recent weeks, an increasingly pronounced fatigue has begun to appear, especially from a mental point of view, which has created me, and continues to this day, various problems in the management of everyday life. As I have always done up to now, I began to talk about it with my family and with the faculty in Switzerland, to whom I have always been entrusted. I’ve also discussed this with my coach at NC State, who understand my difficulties. Everyone agrees that in order to train successfully and get the results we all expect, it is essential to feel good physically, but above all mentally. Thanks to these interviews, in which we tried to analyze the possible paths that could be followed that could help me gain more serenity, I came to the conclusion that for me, at this moment, it is necessary to return to the norm and rediscover my loved ones. and my environment. I remain of the opinion that the decision to move to the States, at the time I made it, was the best it could be; But in the meantime, the bronze medal in the Olympics has changed my life and my expectations; Moreover, the time between the beautiful Tokyo adventure and the new big change brought about by moving to Raleigh for me was, in hindsight, too short, in terms of the strong emotions I experienced and yet to assimilate. Therefore, as I have quietly decided to travel to North Carolina, I am equally resolved, with people close to me, to return to Ticino, where I will resume training with Massimo Meloni and Andrea Mercury, followed, as always, by the other members of my team. The main objectives of the season will remain more or less the same and in the coming months I will once again set up study opportunities in Ticino, knowing that this may mean having to accept a longer time to reach the degree.”

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