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Nintendo Switch 2, new details arrive before Valentine's Day leaker

Nintendo Switch 2, new details arrive before Valentine's Day leaker

According to what a well-known leaker said a few years ago, the famous camgirl who stole stray items from Nintendo employees while active at work, New details We are Nintendo Switch 2 They will appear Before Valentine's Day.

Depending on the person concerned, the information will be linked to him or her Development group Of the new Nintendo console that has been distributed in recent months and will confirm the latest rumors about Nintendo Switch 2 reported by Bloomberg.

However, that's not all: camgirl reported that during the development of Nintendo Switch 2, different solutions were tested, e.g. Cartridge slot built into dock Which would have made the console a fully digital handheld, or spine-style controller for connection to the main console.

There's also talk of a streaming service

It doesn't end here: the rumors reported by the leaker, which we obviously invite you to take with a pinch of salt (if there is a need to specify), also talk about a Streaming service It was developed in recent years by a Korean company for Nintendo.

This function will therefore be added to the technical improvements made to the console compared to the current model, completing the offer to also cover cloud gaming needs in a better way than the Nintendo Switch already does.

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