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Nine out of ten illegal immigrants are in Italy

Nine out of ten illegal immigrants are in Italy

Italy holds most of the immigrants coming. Return and transfer is nothing more than a bug that weighs on the Italians’ pockets. The figures speak for themselves: between October 2019 and March 2021, Malta’s many announced deals landed 990 in Italy simultaneously out of 44,300, equivalent to 2.2%. To put it bluntly, things are no better. By 2020, only 3,351 of the 34,133 refugees have returned to our country, or 9.8 percent of the total. There were 1,097 in the first months of the current year.

Repayment costs for 2020, 4,684 million and 2021 (up to April) 2 million 89 thousand. The average cost is 0 1,095 per immigrant in 2021 and 3 1,398 per person in 2020 (including travel expenses for those accompanying them).

Figures that apparently weigh the wallets of Italian citizens who pay taxes. “Basically – explains League MEP Susanna Cacardi – on the shoulders of Italian taxpayers and the overall disregard of European institutions, immigrants continue to have no solution to this problem without a definitive solution”. And he continues: நாங்கள் We immediately said that this policy pursued by Brussels would have failed, but they blamed us all. Numbers prove us right. Added to the problem of managing the flows is another serious problem: the control of refugees coming to our shores is actually managed in an emergency manner and it does not allow to keep an accurate estimate of costs as has been highlighted in the past. Accounts court, you always work with unforeseen and budgeted expenses.

Of those returning in 2020, 1,997 were Tunisians (618 in the 4 months from 2021), 544 were Albanians (225 in the current year), 181 were Moroccans, 91 were Egyptians (82 in 2021), and 69 were Georgians (20 in the current year). Corso) and 469 of other national races (130 as of last April). Reasons for deportation last year were public security (1,687), questor rejection (1,185), orders from judicial authorities (475) or directly by the Minister of the Interior (4 and generally linked to reasons related to international terrorism).

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According to the Trunumber’s website, “In 2017, how Germany paid 104,222,800 euros, more than 37% of the forced repatriation and 67.2 million were voluntarily repatriated. The difference between compulsory repatriation / voluntary repatriation is not only different for the different legal status of immigrants, but above all the difference in the economic treatment of your kind of activities. It costs 975 euros and 3,200 euros per person in Germany. 4,319 were mostly from Eastern European countries.