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Netflix: Mandatory casting vaccine in the United States

A report from a well known portal recently Deadline Talked about how Netflix Has decided to apply for the vaccine for some actors and producers in the United States, indicating this problem and explaining the first details regarding the entertainment company’s decision. Everything was taken from the sides On the edge Among other things, it was made official by the company, which did not report further details on the matter, but confirmed the situation.

The vaccine is really needed All cast members Who would want to work for material production In the states United, All other employees should be vaccinated only if in close contact with them. However, some individuals will be exempt from the rule, according to initial reports Age, Medical causes e Religious, These can continue to operate for giant companies without being vaccinated.

The company is the first company to make such drastic decisions in this area in recent weeks, and it looks like many more will be using it in the coming months, especially when it comes to businesses – just like the Netflix thing. Requires on-site work Clever Work.

All of this was underscored by the sheer number of delta variants that the virus has brought to stars around the world, prompting companies more than ever to consider the need to control the disease as much as possible, using vaccines as their own means and trying to guarantee the safety of its employees.

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We recently told you how Google Has taken similar measures to combat the virus, at least for employees who need to work in the office. Discover our in-depth analysis of the status of the article accessible by The following link.