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negramaro aneurisma cerebrale

Negramaro, member of the group affected by the disease: “Cerebral aneurysm …”

Shocking moments for Negramaro fans due to a brain aneurysm that hit the famous band member.

Despite the many years that have passed since she first appeared on the small screen, live the life He continues to score excellent reviews and continues to be a true pioneer in Rai programming. Viewers who are a few years older will probably remember when the show launched in February 1991, at the time still under the name Said Among Us. Over the years, the transmission – which changed other names until it assumed the current one – succeeded in this To excite and involve more and more peoplealso thanks to the skill of the conductors who took turns driving.

Negramaro cerebral aneurysm – Network image –

It is impossible not to mention it among the historical presenters of La Vita in Diretta Michael Cocozawho directed the gravure and talk show for ten years, as well as Alessandro Cecchi Paoni, Lamberto Spuzzini, Marco LorneyTiberio Temperi, Mara Venier, Paola Perego, up to the ad Alberto Matano. The journalist from Catanzaro – who turned 50 last September 9 – debuted at the helm of the program in September 2019 with Lorella Cucarini: as of September 7, 2020 Matano is then one connector La Vita in Diretta (hasn’t happened since 2010).

Emanuele Spicato recounts the illness: in a coma for ten days

One of the features that users appreciate most is the ability of Matano Putting many celebrities at ease who choose to tell their story in Diretta’s La Vita study, often dwelling on some very difficult moments of their lives.

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This is the situation Emmanuel Specatosaid Lilly, who spoke on yesterday’s episode of the talk show about a brain aneurysm he had more than four years ago. He was the guitarist in the famous band Negramaro Ten days in a coma But fortunately, he managed to overcome the critical moment and take control of his life.

Shipping disease
Sent Sick – Network Image –

A few years ago, I was shocked a Brain aneurysm He was in a coma for ten days – Matano said in advance the artist who entered the studio with his wife – Fortunately, Layla woke up from the coma Thanks to the caring doctors And to a miracle called love.

His wife was Cleo Evans, to notice the disease And to ask for help: the speed that might have saved Spedicato’s life.

“I met my grandmother…”

When I realized what was happening to him, I immediately called 911, and he He confirmed that he wanted to go to the hospital immediatelywhich is very strange.”Said the artist partner. I asked Cleo to call an ambulance because of… I started not seeing from the left side anymoreThey were just deleting the pictures.”Lele of Negramaro affirmed.

It told of the musician, who returned to performing in public with Negramaro seeing his grandmother During coma days:I saw the afterlife, I met my grandmother and she told me there was no place for me there.”