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NASA Perseverance: Third Sample Collected on Mars and Sunset Imaging

NASA Perseverance: Third Sample Collected on Mars and Sunset Imaging

We recently wrote about how to do this NASA ingenuity progressing in its mission continue flying that it Mars. In addition to the small drone, there is also the largest and most expensive aircraft NASA persevere which slowly returns towards the landing site and then continues in the direction of the river delta that filled Jezero crater.

The mission is continuing as planned without specific problems or reports. Also both drones and rover He survived a period of poor communication related to Solar conjunction. Now that activities have resumed as scheduled, the file Third sampling from U.S Mars rock.

Perseverance NASA collected the third sample on the surface of Mars

plural third rock sample On Mars NASA persevere It happened a few days ago (November 15). The information currently released by JPL is not much and the official account of rover su Twitter he wrote “Another little piece of Mars to take with me. My latest specimen comes from a rock rich in olivine, and there are many ideas among my science team about how it got there.”.


Therefore, scientists are trying to describe this mineral, which may be of magmatic origin. Currently, rock analyzes are performed using tools such as SuperCam, PIXL and WATSON, as has already been done in the past.

The good news is that compared to the first attempt, now the team rover He has more experience in collecting samples. I remember that first attempt on the road The type of rock chosen, was not successful. Realizing these details, JPL Actions are improved Which leads to the collection of two samples (three with the last).

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Mars rover

The goal will again be to preserve the sample “In the stomach” from NASA persevere Then deposit it in a recognizable place where another rover will retrieve it for Important sample return (in cooperation with the European Space Agency). The samples will then be returned to Earth around 2033.

Sunset on Mars captured by the rover

But there are not only heroes. The Mars rover He also took a new photo of sunset on the red planet. This isn’t the first Martian sunset we’ve seen, but it’s the first one captured with the Mastcam-Z camera NASA persevere.

Mars sunset rover

according to mentioned from NASAThe photo was taken on November 9 (257 AD). Unlike sunsets on Mars, in this case, the typical blue/blue makes room for less bright colors. The reason must have to do with having less dust in the atmosphere which changes the way the light is scattered (due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering).