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Nancy Pelosi in Rome.  Photos with Matterella and US ambassadors

Nancy Pelosi in Rome. Photos with Matterella and US ambassadors

Nancy Pelosi in Rome. Photos with Matterella and US ambassadors

Nancy Pelosi He is in Rome for the celebrations of Villa Taverna, the Independence Day of the United States on Thursday 30 June. Speaker of the House, Leading Representative of the President’s Democrats Joe BidenThe President welcomed Sergio Matterella And met with three heads of US embassy in Rome: Cindy McCainUN Ambassador for Agencies; Joe DonnellyAmbassador of the Holy See; Thomas SmithThe embassy officials in Italy will bid farewell to Rome. Shawn CrowleyFormer President of the Western European Office on Foreign Affairs (Here is his profile)

Pelosi and Mattarella reaffirmed their commitment to support the Ukrainian people in their courageous struggle against illegal occupation. [Vladimir] PutinWith the strengthening of NATO and the G7, the Speaker also announced In a note. “We acknowledge the importance of addressing the growing costs of the Russian invasion and ensuring economic security on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I reiterate the United States’ appreciation for Italy, home to 30,000 American soldiers and their families. We also talked about the climate in terms of diversification to do both.

A visit to Rome sparks rumors about a successor Louis Eisenberg As ambassador to Italy. Eisenberg’s first post, appointed by former president, is vacant Donald Trump, He resigned from his post with the first change of management in January last year. Last name in circulation Stephen RobertThe former Wall Street banker, closest to Nancy Pelosi, was summoned to the newspaper A decision is not yet heavy. How did it come about? “Because of the climate in Congress, we need a candidate who can get a pledge from the Senate without any problems, and that place is hot for Nancy Pelosi if she loses the election. Middle Ages“, He wrote Republic In the days when the Prime Minister visited Washington Mario Tracy.

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The room’s speaker will be in Molise on July 1st. He will move to Fornelli (Isernia) where his maternal grandparents immigrated to the United States. In response to a letter sent to him by Prologue de Fornelli, he expressed his desire to learn about his grandparents’ country in 2017. In recent days, the US Embassy in Italy has been conducting inspections to ensure maximum security.

(Photo: Guernail and Nancy Pelosi)