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Losing a VIP competitor, what happened to him?

The GF Vip 6 is now gone, but the Giffen are taking many opportunities to recreate the atmosphere of the home. But when they met last Thursday, someone was missing….

To miss the Givini the most watched house in Italy? The place he took so much away from but also gave so much to, seems to have left an indelible mark on the souls of the reality show’s sixth edition contestants. And what a good excuse to meet again!

Until Thursday evening he hosted some of the former reality show contestants Alfonso SignoriniThey decided to have dinner together. The published stories did the rest, showing a calm and conversational environment, where, however, someone was missing, however, many expected his presence.

The reunion immediately piqued the interest of fans, but it also showed that not all relationships were preserved. In fact, at dinner there were some heroes of the previous version of GF Vipbut others were missing.

Not all of the previous two missing gifs asked questions, but there was an absence that made us discuss privately. the reason? Well, for the number of frictions that have occurred, it seems that the ex-Jeffina in question has connected with those who met yesterday, but didn’t invite her….

GF Vip reunited, but she’s missing…

GF Vip, Controversial Encounter: One Vip Competitor Is Missing, What Happened To Him?

The controversial encounter we were talking about was looking at the princesses as heroines lulu And Jessica Selassie, while spending a nice evening with some ex-giffini. It clearly exists Manuel Portozzoher boyfriend lulubut also Sophie Codegoni with my friend Alessandro Bacciano. At Thursday dinner, there was another ex-Givino, who is a great friend of bachianoAnd Gianluca Costantino. That Thursday was a dinner between couples, as there was hope for it Gianluca And Jessica (Only singles) Can they get to know each other better…?

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After six months of living together, it is only natural to form deep relationships or, if not, at least lay the foundations of a lasting friendship. But apparently, a peer Selassie Based on Sophie Codegoni, who despite having had moments of rubbing with them seems to have found a way to connect… Thursday wasn’t there. Fans and followers noticed the absence of one of the heroes of the latest version of the GF Vip… In fact, there was no Soleil rise. The young influencer has completely closed off relationships with previous tenants, um?