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MotoGP and Jerez fold into Dorna and accept "rotation".  From next year only 3 GP between Spain and Portugal?  OA Sport

MotoGP and Jerez fold into Dorna and accept “rotation”. From next year only 3 GP between Spain and Portugal? OA Sport

The Moto GP Preparing to change her face and become Less centered around Hispano. This is the will of FIM and Dorna, who are planning the future of the two-wheeled World Championships starting in the Iberian Peninsula. The stated goal is to have a maximum 3 Grand Prix prizes for every season between Spain and Portugal, A fact that in the recent past sparked outrage from Spanish organizers. However, the front is becoming less united, as evidenced by the fact that this is so Jerez de la Frontera Signed an agreement until 2026, which plans to regulate “only” Three editions From the Spanish Grand Prix.

This announcement came in the vicinity of the race scheduled for Andalusia next week. Mammen Sanchez, mayor of Jerez de la Frontera, told the press that the new contract stipulates that the municipality governed by the Spanish Grand Prix will host in 2022And the 2023 e 2025. “We could have stayed out of the game” – Citizen First Explained – Or it included us racing in at least three seasons. There were not many alternatives, Either this agreement has been signed, or we will not be part of the World Championship. Thus, Jerez is the second location to accept rotation after him Valencia. Thus, the conservative front has been reduced only to Barcelona, ​​Aragorn and Portimão (in fact we are talking about three races a year on the Iberian Peninsula, not in Spain in the strict sense).

It is almost unreasonable to think of such a scenario, especially considering how as many as 8 of the 14 races were organized between Spain and Portugal in 2020! However, we must not forget how Carmelo Isabelita was so obvious before the outbreak of the pandemic. L ‘Targeting It is that you have a calendar 22 Grand Prix Starting in 2022, by entering as many countries as possible. In 2021 it is scheduled 19 Races, including 5 in the Iberian Peninsula, but the situation is destined to change when the Covid emergency disappears.

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Argentina e United States of America, Currently “deferred” to 2021, is in any case a permanent presence on the calendar. Return of the Grand Prix of the Brazil About that Indonesia. Moreover, in 2023 an entryHungary. In all of this, the like should not be forgotten Czech Republic, Excluded from the 2021 program, may return to play. That is why we want to reduce the number of Iberian races to 3. It is clear that the viability of some projects has to be checked, so it cannot be excluded that the Spanish tracks temporarily “on the bench” from year to year may return Recovery If any of the specified stops are flipped upside down.

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