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MEXICO CITY: Youngsters Sneak Corona Vaccine – Hair Dye White

Two men entered Mexico Disguising themselves as seniors and using fake IDs to snatch corona vaccines. Both men, aged 30 and 35, dyed their hair and eyebrows white like a mayor. Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced at a press conference. So the incident happened two weeks ago at a vaccination center in the capital.

There, men are said to have been vaccinated with the dosage, although in Mexico only public health workers, some teachers and people 60 years of age and older are yet to be vaccinated. The staff at the vaccination center initially did not notice the vertigo because their faces were hidden behind masks and plastic vision.

However, the fraudsters were exposed because the staff of the vaccination center knew a man’s voice was too young. The true age of men then came to light. They are said to be being investigated in connection with the identity cards and identity fraud that have been identified as arrests.

Lack of vaccine supplies

So far, about 9.7 million corona vaccines have been administered in Mexico, and a good 1.3 million people – one percent of the population – have been fully vaccinated. In the meantime, the vaccine has run out. The government accused rich countries of stealing vaccines. Meanwhile, the responsible authority has given emergency approval for six products.

North America, with a population of about 126 million, has the third highest number of corona deaths worldwide United States And Brazil. So far, a good 205,000 deaths have been officially confirmed there.