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Kisline Maxwell was ignored in prison: she would no longer even snatch the toilet – people

Kislyn Maxwell, 59, is currently being held in a New York prison. In prison, the ex-girlfriend of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein († 66) is said to be further neglected.

His prison in Brooklyn is said to be in chaos. “New York Post” report.

The charges against the 59-year-old were further extended by two points (“sex abduction with a minor” and “conspiracy to abduct a child”) and the start of the trial scheduled for July 2021 may be postponed, so Maxwell allows himself to go full circle.

This is what court draftsman Kisline Maxwell saw when she applied for court release on bail last year.Photo: Jane Rosenberg / REUTERS

For example, documents filed in Manhattan federal court state that Maxwell often should not be snatched after using the toilet in his cell.

In February, his lawyers accused Maxwell of mistreatment in prison. He is also said to have lost weight and hair due to poor treatment in prison.

The allegations are now being denied by eyewitnesses who testified that police cleared Maxwell of his cell because it was like a garbage dump and like crazy. The assessment of prison cameras gave no indication of abuse.

“After examining the camera footage, MTC concluded that the search was carried out properly and that the complaint of the accused regarding this incident was baseless,” according to documents submitted to the court.

Gisline Maxwell was a former partner of Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly abused women under his age.

Gisline Maxwell was a former partner of Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly abused women under his age.Photo: Johannes Eisel / AFP

The arrest of Maxwell in early July 2020 in the east coast state of New Hampshire in the United States is a remarkable development in the Epstein case. Many millionaires are said to have sexually abused young women and young women for years and incited them into prostitution – and Maxwell hired women and girls for him. The investment banker was arrested in July 2019 and died in his Manhattan prison in August.

Kisline Maxwell is now facing a life sentence. Many applications for release on bail were denied – because of the risk of escape.

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