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Media: “The new technical government of the Palestinian National Authority.”  Then denial: “Not now.”  Hamas backs down from a possible truce agreement

Media: “The new technical government of the Palestinian National Authority.” Then denial: “Not now.” Hamas backs down from a possible truce agreement

Negotiations on future relations between Israel and Palestine also included discussing the formation of the new government of the Palestinian National Authority. Thus, Sky News Arabia published news stating that the executive authority headed by Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh is ready to resign within two days to make way for the formation of a new government. […]

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In negotiations on future relations between Israel H Palestine Discussing the formation of the new governmentPalestinian National Authority. Sky News Arabia Thus, the news spread about the executive chaired by the Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh would be willing to Resignation Within two days to make room for Government of techniciansafter the opening agitation. The news was denied by Afghan National Police sources Haaretz H al-Quds Explaining that this possibility is under study, but for the future and not immediately.

This reckless behavior is linked to the news that has circulated in recent days that Hamas has agreed to form a Palestinian government of independent technocrats that can deal with the situation. Reconstruction Born in Restore security In Gaza at the end of the conflict. This government will be responsible for managing the transitional phase with a view to the subsequent stages elections. But soon after came the denial, which was always informal.

On the other hand, the armed Palestinian movement that rules the Gaza Strip, on Saturday evening, toned down its enthusiasm regarding the alleged progress in the truce talks. Quoted from a source Al Jazeera He stated that there was a climate of optimism regarding reaching an agreement as possible Prisoner exchangeBecause of the alleged softening of Hamas' position, it does not reflect reality. Negotiations are still ongoing, and an Israeli delegation will leave there The State of Qatar To continue the talks that have already resumed in the meantime with the participation of “experts from EgyptThe State of Qatar, United State And Israel,” in addition to representatives of Hamas. Once this first phase of negotiations is completed, the delegates will travel to Cairo To continue the talks, all within the framework of the process that began in Paris. He was the Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin NetanyahuPersonally to appeal to Hamas: “We are working to reach an agreement regarding the hostages. I want to reach an understanding I appreciate the efforts of the United States. I don't know if we will reach it, but if Hamas reduces it Fake requests “To return to reality, then there will be an agreement.”

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While the talks are proceeding slowly, with the hope of reaching a truce with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan RamadanIsraeli military operations continue. Yesterday, the Air Force bombed two targets along the border between Gaza and Egypt, near the so-called 'Philadelphia Axis“, which was very scary Rafah Among the displaced Palestinians who set up tents in that area. Israeli Military Radio explained that the targets that were targeted were the entrance to a smuggling tunnel dug under the border and a weapons depot for the Hamas movement. there Givati ​​Brigade The Israeli army is also intensifying its operations against Hamas's announcement Abasan al-Jadida H Big Absansuburbs Khan Younes.