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MasterChef, very serious accusations from their beloved competitor: “They just wanted to advertise” |  The heroes ended up in court

MasterChef, very serious accusations from their beloved competitor: “They just wanted to advertise” | The heroes ended up in court

MasterChef Italia: serious accusations in the program Source @Instagram –

The MasterChef Italia production makes serious accusations against one of the most beloved contestants of past editions: this is what happened, and we will reveal all the details.

Master Chef Italy One of the most popular and followed television shows, now in its thirteenth edition, the talent show continues to keep millions of viewers glued to the screen, especially Thank you to the three multi-star judges, Chef Cannavacciolo, Giorgio Locatelli and Bruno Barbieri.

Chef Bruno Barbieri, a veteran of the show since the first season, has seen all sorts of things happen and will probably remember an unpleasant episode involving the production company MasterChef Italy, La Magnolia, vs. a competitor I like a lot.

The company, along with other competitors, filed a lawsuit against the winner of one of the most famous versions of the program, accusing him of winning unfairly, and at that time the award was handed out alongside judge Bruno Barbieri. Joe Bastianich and Carlo Cracco.

Today we reveal everything behind the scenes and details of Masterchef Italy Unpleasant situation Which included producing a talent show.

MasterChef Italia: Contestant Accused

The show's most ardent fans are sure to remember thatAspiring chef and winner of season 4 master chef italy, Stefano Calligaro After winning the program, he became a catering chef, provides consultations and cooking lessons, and is also an ambassador for many food products.

Unfortunately, Stefano Calligaro was the competitor accused by the production company MasterChef, following some accusations made by the celebrity. Antonio Ricci, Striscia la Notizia Four competitors were clearly unhappy with the way that version ended and were taken to court.

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Caligaro Stefano -
Stefano Calligaro, winner of the 4th edition of Masterchef Source @Instagram –

Court dicision

The accusation leveled against the aspiring chef was that he was, in fact, a… Professional chef He thus beat out other aspirants who were only amateur chefs. All this because Calligaro, for a certain period, found himself working as the face of the well-known Knorr company but only as a promoter of chefs with… The mission of displaying Knorr products For buyers.

The court ruling was clearly in favor of the former MasterChef winner who subsequently commented on the unpleasant episode in which other former contestants of the program were also involved.”They obviously wanted to get some publicity on my shoulder. “And they lost.”