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Marco Romagnoli, spinning coach, dies.  He will donate his organs

Marco Romagnoli, spinning coach, dies. He will donate his organs

FALCONARA left home on Thursday to go to work. Was thinking of coming back in the afternoon and then going to Athlone, Falconara's gym where for years…

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FALCONARA left home on Thursday to go to work. He planned to return in the afternoon and then go to Athlon, Falconara's gym, where he had been leading spinning and toning courses for years. However, Romagnoli never returned to his city, where his son, who turned 17 yesterday, and his wife Monica were waiting for him. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while he was in the car driven by a colleague who arrived with him at the Abruzzo railway stations, where he was performing cleaning and maintenance tasks.


He died yesterday in Teramo Hospital, where he arrived in a deplorable condition. Falconarese, 57, employee of a railway company Marco Romagnoli was a person you couldn't help but love: full of life, always smiling and sympathetic, ready to help others. Those who knew him describe him as “unique.” He had left with his colleague on Thursday for Teramo. They worked together but when they left in the car, Marco told his partner that he was not feeling well and needed to rest. He fell asleep, and when his colleague returned to the car, he found him still asleep: he became suspicious and tried to shake him, but he did not respond. Call 112 and request an ambulance.

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The 118 workers found Romagnoli lifeless. He had suffered a brain hemorrhage. Doctors took him to Teramo Hospital but since Thursday there have been no signs of recovery: Romagnoli stopped fighting yesterday and the family allowed his organs to be donated. Ugo Corinaldisi, owner of the Athlone gym since 1986, is shocked: “He always worked with me in the gym,” he says. He was my first partner's brother. A cool, bright and unmistakable guy with his old red Range Rover or a slightly dated 500. I encouraged him to go to the ISEF in Urbino and he graduated but then he chose to work with the porters' cooperative. I still can't believe he's no longer here. We all loved him.”

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