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“I wanted to reject Home at First Sight, my mother convinced me. But now I have no life.”


“A year ago I didn’t even have Instagram, with Casa a prima a vista everything changed.” Gianluca Torre is one of the clients of…

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“A year ago I didn’t even have Instagram, with Casa a prima a vista everything changed.” Gianluca Torre It is one of the six Real Time agents among the most popular programs at the moment. With Mariana Damico Ida De Filippo is part of the trio that presents the homes in the Milanese version of the show. “They are my angels,” the agent says in an interview with BSMT.

Last year, the first episode of the series “House at First Sight” was released and life Gianluca Torre It has changed: “Until a year ago, there was no video of me on Instagram nor an episode of Casa a prima vista: I was pursuing my career in real estate, with satisfaction but naturally. Now I have three jobs, because in addition to my career in real estate and television, which is a job, my activity on social media is gaining more and more momentum.” “I practically no longer have a life, I have to organize myself with new commitments but it is not easy,” said Torre.

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Ida De Filippo, Casa Agent at first sight: sales assistant job, younger friend and “unexpected” success

How was he selected for the program?

This is precisely because of the great commitment to the program. Gianluca Torre He was about to turn down the Real Time offer: “They asked me if I wanted to do a casting. The casting guy called me, he knew me because I had worked with a production guy and he said, ‘I think this could be interesting.’ I’m casting, we’re shooting the pilot, they liked it and they put an Excel sheet in front of me with the recordings, from February of last year to June. I looked at it, I called the casting guy and said, ‘Look, I can’t do this, how do I do this?’ I was sorry to do it, because with the work I do and this show, I wouldn’t have a life anymore. On the other hand, I liked the idea of ​​working in television.”

Finally, after a weekend of reflection, the show got the green light: “I’m a person who loves to express myself, to talk and talk about myself. Then I told my mom and she convinced me. The show got unexpected ratings and amazing engagement.”

Change job in 2019

Until 2019, Gianluca Torre worked in the advertising sector.Then, tired of his life, he decided to change and enter the real estate business. A choice that led him to become the face of Casa a prima vista: “I became a real estate broker in 2019. Until that year I was doing something completely different, advertising. In five years I changed my career path. Coming to this task from other areas, such as communications, credibility and public relations, has a great advantage: you offer a different approach without having the hallmarks of a broker, traits that people hate.

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