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Living on the Brink, Nathan Prater is Crazy: A Shocking Change. Unrecognizable

Nathan Prater Live on the edge Make an incredible change. His story was one of the most followed stories and fans continued to support him even after his journey ended

Live on the edge It is one of the most popular programs in the world. Together with Dr. Nowzaradan patients who decided to participate Facing the road to recovery It is often very difficult and tiring. Nathan Prater is one of the most loved patients by the publicAnd his change was incredible.

Many turn to the program doctor, but not all are able to complete the course. It takes a lot of determination to tackle the problem of obesity, also because there are always serious problems like abuse and trauma. Food, in these cases, becomes an outlet that is difficult to leave.

Over the years, we have given broadcasts to many patients, and many have touched the hearts of viewers who have cheered for their recovery. Unfortunately, many of them fail to do soprecisely because the road ahead is long and arduous.

In some cases their stories ended in tragedy. Because of depression, despite recovery from obesity, many cannot bear the burden of trauma and decide to end everything. you recently owned One of the most famous former patients of the program decided to give up his fight. There are, unfortunately, many stories like this.

However, there are many stories with a happy ending, where patients overcome their fears and traumas and are able to Become a better version of yourself: Healthier, happier and more aware of physical and mental well-being.

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Live on the edge, amazing change

Among the stories of those who made it is a story Nathan Prater. The young man from Palestine (Texas) Weighs 275 kg When he went to Dr. Nozradan’s clinic. In addition, he had several health problems, all of which were related to obesity.

Prater decided to start the journey with his partner: the two supported each other and, thanks to the doctor’s diet, immediately lost many kilograms. After a few months they already lost 50.

Live on the edge of Nathan Prater

The couple was very determined, and this allowed both to lose weight and return to health. Nathan then underwent gastric bypass surgery, thus ending his journey. The two continued to follow the correct diet and lifestyle and now They finally got their lives back in their hands.