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likeassassin's Zelda is heavenly -

likeassassin’s Zelda is heavenly –

In a few weeks, we’ll finally have a chance to see a new Nintendo Direct, on the occasion of E3 2021. Gamers are clearly hoping to see multiple games coming to Switch, including a sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This adventure has actually hit many fans at heart, especially thanks to the many characters. Above all Princess Zelda. The young woman does not have much time to shine, but this does not mean that she was not able to excite players and breathers from all over the world. Likeassassin For example his suggestion Zelda cosplay with white dress.

As you can see below, Likeassassin took a shot Zelda With a white dress, as seen in Breath of the Wild. The sunlight gives a golden and heavenly touch to the entire image. Moreover, on scrolling, we can see the action the cosplayer took to create some cosplay items. Likeassassin actually explains that he often makes his own costumes, rather than buying every item.

Likeassassin She is well known in the cosplay world for the quality of her work. In fact, we already had a chance to see Ciri’s costumes: they’re the cutest. Although known for its prowess, Triss cosplay is better than expected. Likeassassin’s 2B cosplay is also perfect.

For a change of genres, we suggest Shirogane 2B Cosplay: It’s pink and gorgeous. How is missing Himiko Toga cosplay from xxerxes: It’s a perfect replica. We’re now closing with the Aloy di Hura cosplay: celebrate by Guerrilla, too.

what do you think of Disguise Who Zelda made such sensations? How well did the costume design convince you, or have you seen high-quality copies?

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