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"Let's move the Patriots."  Biden's move that worries Putin

“Let’s move the Patriots.” Biden’s move that worries Putin

The United State will restore a Patriot missile system In Slovakia to allow the transfer of arms from Bratislava to Ukraine. The chief said that Joe BidenHe made it clear, again in the past few hours, that Washington would continue to provide Kyiv with every possible help to stop Russia’s advance.

Missiles and S-300s

As for the SlovakiaBiden thanked the country for the delivery S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine. “I would like to thank Slovakia for providing the S-300 بنظام“To Kyiv. To allow this transport and to ensure safety,”The United States will reposition the Patriot missile system in SlovakiaThe US President said and then specified that the United States “They will continue to provide security assistance and weapons to help Ukraine defend its country“.

The White House tenant pointed out that the United States, since its election victory until today, has always supportedUkraine. “Since the beginning of my administration, the United States has made the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia a priorityHe noted in a tweet.

However, the repositioning of the Patriots in Slovakia could further poison the climate, which in itself is very tense. there Russia In fact, it still raises a lot of concerns, and for at least three reasons. Starting with the most recent, the words that came out of the mouth of Russian officials about “Serious consequences“Due to Finland’s possible entry into NATO; now Helsinki has announced that it is thinking about what to do and that white smoke may arrive soon. It should also be noted that Biden’s most recent releases – for example when Vladimir Putin singled out a “butcher” – have driven Washington away. And Moscow diplomatically, and, finally, there is always the fear that the Kremlin’s nuclear threats could somehow materialize.

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tense atmosphere

In short, in such a glowing climate that Biden proclaimed could be very dangerous. Also because the US President kept pointing fingers at Russia, he also wrote on Twitter “The attack on the station” from Kramatorsk Another horrific atrocity committed by Russia, which hit civilians trying to evacuate“.”We will continue to provide security assistance and weapons to Ukraine to defend the country. Together with allies, we will support the investigation efforts into this attackBiden added.

As for Slovakia, the Prime Minister of Slovakia Edward Heger explained that “Donation of the defense system does not mean that the Slovak Republic has become a party to the armed conflict in UkraineHeger also stressed, in Kyiv, with the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, that “Slovakia supplied Ukraine with an S-300 air defense system “and it is your country’s duty, too” to help, not to stand idly by and ignore the loss of life‘happened because’Russia’s aggression“.