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Launching companies, the online portal to apply for Mise-funded incentives

Launching companies, the online portal to apply for Mise-funded incentives

The way to find financing

– From the main page of the portal, thanks to the detailed classification of the various measures and directed actions, the motivation can be found by following one of the four paths:

Profile personly

, suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs, companies, professionals, organizations or citizens; for


; for

Categories of interest

eg startups, innovation and digitization;

Explore the entire catalog

Even with the use of filters.

A summary sheet for each stimulus

Each specific incentive is accompanied by a summary sheet, with detailed information, which summarizes the action, to whom it is directed, what to expect, the date of closing and opening of the call, the type of company that can solicit the contribution, technical specifications and acceptable costs, regional scope, pointers for reference to the forms and necessary references To facilitate order aggregation.

Giorgetti: “smart and straightforward tool”

– “It is an agile and straightforward tool available to entrepreneurs who, with courage, are creating new businesses and for which they can request subsidies to make investments,” said Minister Giorgetti. “Browse the platform – added the minister – you can find all useful information about MIZZA incentives. A compass that allows you to orientate between the facilities provided by tenders and measures intended for the development of the productive fabric of the country. It is an opportunity to implement business ideas and projects, invest in competitiveness, strengthen the region, cultivate and achieve Entrepreneurial dreams.

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