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Grandine Grossa: si rischia davvero tanto

Large hail can cause a lot of damage to cars, be careful »

EMERGENCY WEATHER ALERT: Heavy hail is coming soon, lots of damage to cars, be careful

Live: There is indeed a lot at stakeThis time the risk is very high. The National Civil Defense has also issued an important weather warning The worst is yet to come Anxiety is driven above all by the feared event Large hail.

real Storms organized together storm line, or storm line, is expected next in Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, then Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. A very strong storm with hail between Modena and Bologna towards Ferrara is already affecting Emilia, other storms are affecting Tuscany and Umbria, and others will develop off the coast of Versilia. Time in Emilia can create problems and is directed towards Ferrara and Veneto. Only hours in the center, but most of Tuscany, Lazio and Rome Also in southern regions.

But why has the weather changed so much? This is due to the cold and unstable air currents descending from Northern Europe entering at high altitudes, which interact with the great heat still present in our country. A A dangerous combination A given amount of energy.

Warning: These variations will increase in the next few hours and the risk will increase Particularly violent storm cells Related twenty Blast down (Linear winds from the storm) up to nearly 100 km/hr.
In addition to strong winds, the main danger is noted All cars exposed to hail, even of large dimensions, are at high risk of damage.