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Covid, AstraZeneca vaccine scientist becomes Barbie. Video

Barbie doll maker Mattel has created a new model depicting the British scientist Sarah Gilbert who developed the Covid vaccine from AstraZeneca (epidemic numbers). Her Barbie is one of five models created to honor women working in science. For the British maestro, who had already earned the honorable nickname ‘Dama’ and was given a warm welcome when she appeared on Wimbledon’s central court for international tennis players, this is yet another recognition. But the scientist, who teaches vaccinology at Oxford University, described the initiative as “quite peculiar”, with the hope that her doll would be a role model for girls, so that they could somehow be briefly inspired, guiding them toward jobs they don’t know, like the one I’ve done in vaccines.”

“Inspiration for girls”


Barbie, study shows it helps develop empathy and sociability

“I hope the young girls seeing Barbie understand how important scientific careers are to helping the world we live in,” Gilbert continued. Mattel has produced dolls representing different professions, from firefighters to doctors and even astronauts. There are also models depicting athletes, such as British sprinter Dina Asher Smith, or other figures such as civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

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