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Kate Middleton “has not yet recovered”: “It will take some time before she returns to 100%.”

Kate Middleton “has not yet recovered”: “It will take some time before she returns to 100%.”

K“She's not recovered yet, it will take some time before she gets back to 100%,” Middleton said.». He said that to sun A royal source added that after the delicate and mysterious abdominal surgery she underwent last January, she will be the princess In crisisAnd even psychologically: “Only her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, were able to lift her spirits». Words that nourish naturally Conspiracy theories regarding Kate's health Which has been going crazy on the internet for weeks now. Fantasy speculation saw a boom when A.J New puzzleThe British Ministry of Defense announced that Middleton will take over the mission Review of the Royal Forces On to the next color troping, in June, But Kensington Palace imposed a mysterious change within a few hours.

Conspiracy theories about Middleton's health did not subside even when photographers spotted the princess last Monday while she was traveling in a car driven by her mother, Carole, near Windsor Castle. “It's not the real Kate, it's her doppelgänger“, says one person, convinced that the publication of the photos in question was coordinated by Kate's staff specifically to try to stop people's anxiety and speculation about her health condition.

When Prince William skipped the memorial mass at the end of February Constantine Greece Due to “personal matters”, Royal fans were very worried. So much so that the palace was forced to issue a statement rejecting “wild conspiracy theories about Kate’s health.” Then think about it anyway Prince WilliamThrough his spokesman, he denied the false news about his wife. But how Kate really is remains a mystery. Because Kensington Palace continues to not provide details.

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A comforting comment on the princess's health has just arrived from her uncle Gary Goldsmithcurrently among competitors for Celebrity Big Brother. in home Big Brother VIP Fifty-eight-year-old businessman, Carole Middleton's brotherHe stated:I spoke to his mother, he is receiving the best care in the world. Kate is amazing, she will be back, of course she will be back». However, Gary Goldsmith is known in the British press as Kate's “unrepresentable uncle” (he has embarrassed her several times in the past). So not many royal fans are willing to trust his words.