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Joe Shely is the new game manager, a veteran of Blizzard -

Joe Shely is the new game manager, a veteran of Blizzard –

the new game manager from Diablo 4 And joe chile, a Blizzard veteran who previously worked as a designer on several World of Warcraft expansions and was the first game designer on Diablo 3. Shely has been part of the Diablo 4 team since 2017 working on combat design.

The confirmation came with a new post on the Diablo 4 blog, where Shely introduces herself to fans and reassures them that development continues, despite all of that. Problems Derived from cases of sexual harassment within Activision Blizzard, which led, among other things, to the dismissal of the former game director, Luis Barriga.

I’m Joe Shelley from Team Diablo IV. Having been responsible for designing this bleak, open-world RPG from the start, I’m honored to continue working on seeing Diablo IV as the new game director, and honored to represent the team that put their heart into this game.

“Like many of you, our team has had to deal with recent events. A lot has happened since our last blog, but the hard work to put the values ​​we believe in must continue. Parallel to this important mission., the development of Diablo IV also continues.”

“Over the past few years, we have built a strong team with an incredible passion for Diablo IV. And you, as a Diablo fan, are a vital part of this team. With the help of your valuable feedback, we have continued. To improve and deepen your gaming experience. We still have a long way to go, And while a lot has already changed, our commitment to the game remains unwavering.”

“The sanctuary must always be represented by things that shine in dark dungeons. Tales of powerful heroes who oppose the attack of the underworld. Lands where clues, treasures, and terrible monsters are hidden around every corner, while at the same time familiar and unknown in the prospects for justice for this world’s responsibility venerable.

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For this occasion, Shelby also gives us more details about the development of Diablo 4 and in particular about audio sector And how important this is in game design. In this regard, Blizzard has posted behind-the-scenes videos of some environmental noise and music recording sessions, which you can sample in the videos in the news.

Audio is an element that is sometimes underestimated, but an integral part of the game’s design, a channel that conveys everything from incoming damage, to confirmation that the game was recorded with the press of a button, to the intensity of the combat sequence. Try Diablo muting once – you’ll find your eyes struggle a lot to keep track of the action.

The audio also conveys the subtext of the world you are venturing through. It supports action peaks and dips in the campaign and allows you to immerse yourself in the vicinity of an area, transporting you into the game world.