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Jeff Grubb - says Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox exclusive

Jeff Grubb – says Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox exclusive

Sheikh Scrolls 6 it will be’except from X-BoxOr at least that’s currently the idea behind the much-anticipated next chapter in the Bethesda series: journalist Jeff Grubb said on Twitter.

Grubb felt compelled to clarify in response to at least a fanciful interpretation of words uttered recently by Pete Hines, who addressed PlayStation fans who felt left out after he bought Xbox Bethesda.

According to one user, in fact, Hines had said that there is a possibility that games like Starfield will also arrive in the future. PS5, but in fact that was not the meaning of his words and Grubb wanted to repeat them very harshly.

So the rhetoric is very simple: after the agreements already made, it is undoubtedly in Microsoft’s interest to make $7.5 billion spent on acquiring Bethesda and using the games the team produces to promote the sale of its consoles or at least Xbox Game Pass.

In fact, the service includes many games in the cloud and for several weeks the servers have been optimized with Xbox Series X. Anyone will be able to access this catalog, as long as they have a fast and stable enough internet connection. Also to play The Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps.

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