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Samantha Cristoforetti on TikTok: She will be the first ‘Out of Earth’ Tiktoker


Samantha Cristoforetti’s official profile on TikTok will tell the story of the Italian astronaut’s mission to the International Space Station

also Samantha Cristoforetti I decided to land – it is appropriate to say – on tik tok. The astronaut from Milan, the first Italian woman to serve on the European Space Agency’s crews, will arrive on their smallest screens to tell them about her upcoming mission to the International Space Station (ISS). “I’m your astronaut friend tik tok– That’s how it turned out Samantha Cristoforetti In his first video -“To reach the end of the day togetherHence the common phrase:Follow me to get where tiktoker hasn’t gone before“.But there are no great doubts or confusion in this matter.

Samantha Cristoforetti on TikTok (Getty Images)

Milan astronaut profile will be a precious treasure to jointly share the important path Samantha Cristoforetti It’s nearing completion after a 2014 experiment, which saw it bore into orbit for nearly 200 days. Cristoforetti will actually spend five months on the International Space Station and profile tik tok So the official will be a very valuable tool to talk about his mission on the International Space Station. We remind you in this sense that the mission will officially begin Next April 23 With launch from Cape Canaveral aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon “Freedom” spacecraft.

Samantha Cristoforetti, the first “extraterrestrial” Tiktoker

Samantha Cristoforetti Tik Tok
Samantha Cristoforetti (Getty Images)

The Samantha Cristoforetti’s profile on TikTok It had already gone viral on the web and the astronaut was quick to share a second video that got us—here too, it must be said—in the mood for the mission. In the second video, in fact, it is possible to see the presence of the mission crew, the three NASA colleagues with whom Samantha will fly to reach the International Space Station: so we find as Jill Lindgren, Robert Haynes and Jessica Watkins, and we are sure that this unprecedented quartet will succeed in stimulating the attention of the youngest and everyone tik tok.

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However, the news has important implications, not to mention being quite innovative, considering that Samantha Cristoforetti It is the first “extraterrestrial” tiktoker. So far, in fact, the European Space Agency has chosen to entrust its communications to another social network, Twitter. A factor that indirectly confirms the growing popularity tik tok, which after receiving the title of social network for young people began to emerge as an open and popular platform. And we saw it in these hours with the football match between them Stream Real Sociedad and Real Betis live on TikTok.


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