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"I've got a bullet in my hand", video

“I’ve got a bullet in my hand”, video

“I heard him come in, but I didn’t understand.” A few minutes later he was standing 131 The attack on the armored car followed by gunfire Until then JawA girl caught in a firestorm unleashed by robbers.

The young woman got into her car when she found herself in front of an armed commando. She tried to run, but was shot in the arm.

“I have a bullet,” he explains to a man in a fluorescent uniform who at first doesn’t understand why he’s there. She is standing by the road. Meanwhile the police vehicles arrive.

The woman continues to explain: “Now I’m afraid: before it doesn’t hurt me, it starts to hurt me”, He says holding the wound. One of the people there explains to her that it can happen when it’s hot. The pain comes later.

She continued: “At one point I felt my arm twitch. I thought my arm had fallen asleep.’

Unfortunately, as things turned out, it turned out well for her: a minor injury, for her, and treatment He was taken to Sassary Hospital, where two Vigilpole security guards were also taken who tried to resist the attack of robbers.

“It was a red Alfa 147,” adds the woman, still lucid enough to describe the make and model of the car the criminals used to get away, despite the beating she took. The vehicle was found an hour later in the countryside of Badde Salighes: like the other car, a Golf had been burned.

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