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Not only itching, but also these two unimaginable symptoms may indicate some liver problems

Itching will not be just a symptom of skin or liver cancer but may depend on the presence of these diseases

Constantly scratching causes a lot of stress and is a terribly unpleasant condition, but often we just can’t stop this instinct.

If we insist too much on the same area, what can happen is redness, cuts, and even the formation of pus and papules.

At worst, these symptoms can be one of many that indicate the presence of skin or liver cancer.

It can appear with other spies related in one way or another, especially if the itch does not tend to disappear and we exclude other causes, then a more in-depth analysis will be necessary.

Itching will not be just a symptom of skin or liver cancer but may depend on the presence of these diseases

If this case of severe itching is not related to cancer, then it could be different diseases, some completely different from each other.

Just having dry and particularly dry skin can representThe origin of the annoyance. Especially if we notice cracked, wrinkled, and not at all elastic skin during the colder months. In extreme cases, the skin can crack and cause bleeding or wrinkling.

In these cases, a dermatologist will be able to advise us on the most appropriate treatment.

To prevent this problem, it will be useful to fix the areas that are most exposed to the cold, use moisturizers and get rid of aggressive products.

Also from dermatitis Stress It can be a possible cause, especially if we are going through a difficult period psychologically. It will mainly affect the areas of the hands, face or neck, cravings to scratch may cause abrasions.

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Often, to detect this pathology, in-depth and specific examinations are required, since it is not immediately possible to recognize it. Also because it can be confused with contact dermatitis, or a true allergy caused by certain substances or irritants.

Food intolerances are also part of the potential causes that may cause sudden and at first glance unexplainable itching. In addition to diarrhea, bloating, flatulence and digestive problems, rashes may appear.

Other possible causes

Itching will not only be a symptom of a tumor, but it can reveal a certain infection of the hair follicle, that is, folliculitis, caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

It can be mild or more severe and can lead to a variety of consequences, such as scars, scars and permanent hair loss.

Kidney failure will also be included in the list of possible causes, which can also lead to an irreversible condition, in which a kidney transplant is necessary.

Cirrhosis, a disease of the liver caused by several factors, can manifest itself through itching, bruising, and bleeding. Weight loss or swelling in the lower extremities.

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