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It happened in the locker rooms of the Dominica Inn.

It happened in the locker rooms of the Dominica Inn.

Second place for Videz and Francesca Michelin at San Remo 2021, with the song Call me by name, also stunned interested parties, convinced they would finish in the middle of the table given the results of the press room and the poll jury. . It was TV broadcasts that reopened the games and awarded the two artists a silver medal in front of Ermal Mitta – third place – and right after Manskin, the festival winners. Many were amazed at the podium and some did not come down. Fedez, who spoke on the last episode of “Muschio Selvaggio,” the podcast he co-chairs with Luis Sall, spoke about a crime that occurred right after the final.

The rapper had an unexpected confrontation with a fellow celebrity in the dressing rooms of ‘Domenica In’, the day after their success: “I will never mention the name, but the artist after we finished the festival, from Mara Venier, sent me to this country – he says -. We were. In the room and greeted everyone. I greeted that person too. After he said goodbye he literally sent me to that country because I made it to the podium. He told me I didn’t deserve it. It was really cool stuff.” Guests, including Tanani, asked him if it was Ermal Mita who might not have finished third well: “No, on the contrary he was very nice – responds Fedez -. I won’t say who he is, but he was a singer at a race in San Remo. “. Except for the top three seeded, Orita Berti and Achille Lauro with whom he immediately collaborated afterwards, there are still names like Willy Peyot, Francesco Renga, Max Gazie, Gio Evan, Colabis Dimartino, Random, Pogo, Gimon, Fulminacci, Fasma and Aiello. But there are also many women, from Malika Ain to Sayyida, or groups such as The Welfare State and The List Representative.

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As the name toto got crazy, Fedez tells us another detail: “I was in really bad shape. I was sick and I thought ‘How bad is it.’ Even if you think such a thing don’t tell me the way. He said something like ‘Don’t say hi to me,'” he said. No, you shouldn’t have finished second, you damn music you won. “What an ugly thing. Those weird things in the locker room just happen to me I guess. I explain.”

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