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Revenue Agency, Zero Tolerance: 500,000 Citizens Bankrupt

Revenue Agency, Zero Tolerance: 500,000 Citizens Bankrupt

From the Revenue Agency comes the Iron Glove. It’s compliance time and collectors want to pay taxes. There are many people unable to honor their slopes.

Empty wallet (Pixabay)

revenue agencyWhat a nasty surprise: many citizens are receiving payment reminders of various sizes, after the last December 14 deadline for all payments due for 2020 and 2021.

And referring to the freeze on the payment of various taxes, which was issued as an aid measure by the state following the outbreak of the epidemic emergency. The problem is that the same revenue agency now accounts for all of the insolventors.

The number of citizens for whom hypothetical measures have been taken is very high. It is about half a million people, which is approximately 43% of the total taxpayers involved in calculating current VAT figures. The account concerns both individuals and companies.

Revenue Agency, Pay As You Go Underwear: It’s a Problem

empty pockets
Empty pockets (Pixabay)

For this ratio, even deferment and division into installments did not help. Moreover, with the epidemic, many suffer Stop working among the self-employed. And there are not a few companies that have had to declare bankruptcy.

Today’s risk is due to the cost of living and the disproportionate increase in bills, fuel and raw materials. The figure calculated through Internal Revenue is good Two billion and 400 million euros.

I left letters from the organization asking for taxes to be paid in a very short period of time, not exceeding five days.

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What is the solution to what is a big problem?

It is quite clear that no one will be able to leave the uncomfortable situation of insolvency in less than a week. Then the state has a vested interest Avoid bankruptcy or unemployment From all of these parties involved. Because that will translate into additional contributions and taxes that you won’t be able to receive in the future.

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Hopefully, there might be some sort of compromise, another extension of deadlines or some other solution, with an announcement Special Urgent Ordinance.

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To date, there is a provision in effect that allows payment in installments for tax bills that are neither prior nor subsequent In the first four months of 2022.