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Internal Medicine at Senigallia Hospital: “From ‘Covid Heroes’ to ‘Putting Holes’: That’s Enough!”

The department’s medical directors rely on Avv. Canavoglia of the UN Command against the injunction of the first aid personnel

senegalia hospital

for years First Aid from Senigallia Hospital running continuously shortage of medical staffWhich the healthcare company recently decided to solve by resorting to Doctors’ warning Among the other departments of Senigallia Hospital.

The emergency room is vital for the hospital and its users in general, but due to the lack of staff in it It cannot be compensated by withdrawing human resources from other departmentsWith negative repercussions on the quality of services and on the regular performance of the same departments!

To stop such an action I Medical directors in the Department of Internal Medicine From Senigallia Hospital instructed a lawyer. Corrado Canavoglia from the National Consumer Federation Request a meeting with the company and the senior political management to present the problem and related solutions, as well as to prepare a complaint addressed to the competent authorities.

The main objective of this procedure is Quality of Service Protection Provided for users of the emergency department and internal medicine department of the city hospital.

The chronic shortage of medical staff in an important ward such as the emergency room is not compensated for by deducting resources from the internal medicine ward or other departments.

It should not be forgotten that internal medicine doctors are In the first, second and third waves of the pandemic, everyone called them “heroes”. Because they fought with nurses against the virus, they were the ones who continued to treat even non-Covid patients who Today they are preparing to face the fourth waveAll this in religious silence.

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They are the ones who are detained stressful transformations And they didn’t just care about Covid patients, but they took care of every other patient and kept securing one of them Daily guiding help for colleagues in the emergency room while simultaneously addressing the patient care needs of their ward.

For years we have been witnessing staffing problems in the emergency department, many cries of alarm come from different parts, but unfortunately So far no organized action has been seen Aiming to solve the problem permanently.

Who thinks about fixing the shortage of staff in the emergency department by relying on human resources for other departments, primarily from the internal medicine department two unclear sides:

1 – In each department of the hospital There is no redundant staffSo if you move a doctor out of a ward to cover a hole in the emergency room, you create a problem in that ward
2- Specialization in medicine is the basis Quality of service provided to usersExpect a doctor who has followed a course of study and has been practicing in a particular field for years, to dedicate one night and/or one day per month in a department that requires different knowledge and experience, which means reducing the quality of service with the risk of negative repercussions on patients as well as on the doctors themselves.

The doctors of the internal medicine department who are accustomed to working silently for the benefit of the beneficiaries, Now they say enough is enough Above all, they believe that it is time to systematically address the problem of staff shortages in the emergency department, not with the intention of change Give “Heroes” a “Tababuchi”.

It’s time to stop playing with words, organic and structured decisions, planning and a real will to invest in them are needed A valuable asset is to protect the health of citizensIf you wish to maintain a high level of quality in providing health services to users.

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The doctors of the Department of Internal Medicine at Senigallia Hospital in May 2021 sent a request for self-defense to the top management representing the operational difficulties related to the shortage of staff in the emergency department, but they did not have a definite answer Six months later, they decided not to give in to unacceptable choicesWorking with the same perseverance and dedication in treating Covid patients, and not looking forward to being called “Heroes”, but only advertising Practicing the profession of medicine in the best possible way Especially for the benefit of users and maintaining the quality of services provided by the hospital.

As this last year request will remain unheard Willing to resort to the judicial path.

Give National Consumers Association