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In November, the forecast does not promise anything good. Updated trend »

Weather: In November, the forecast doesn’t promise anything good. updated trend

November offersBreaking news awaits us next November. We have already seen the effects of bad weather in these weeks of early fall, and the trend in the coming month is already beginning to raise some concern; These claims, unfortunately, are not far-fetched and confirmation Just arrived a short while ago withLast updated Who has, if possible, got worse More concerns have already emerged in recent weeks e It does not bode well.
The reason will be told soon: If we are likely to deal with it on the one hand Unbelievable heatAnd Especially in some sectors (although this is almost no longer news), on the other hand, there is a serious risk The formation of Mediterranean hurricanes.
Two sides of the same coin have one common denominator: Climate change.

But let’s go try to better understand what to expect, and analyze Seasonal forecast for Central Europe and AccuWeather.
temperature. for the next month of November temperature values ​​are expected to be above climatic averages of around +1/1.5°C in particular Al middle south and on two main islands. In addition to giving life to happy days, This is amazing “Out of season warmth” This is also reflected in sea ​​temperature, which records the values ​​of About 2°C above average Ref, after a hot summer to say the least. All of this will result in one Higher potential energy included (high levels of moisture in the lower layers of the atmosphere)What fuel is needed? The development of particularly violent thunderstorms.

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Rainfall. This is the other side of the coin, this is the risk associated with it bad weather waves. To confirm this is the latest projections European Center and AccuWeatherAnd Which pays special attention to Italy grave danger flood events.
However, there is nothing too strange: In fact, November is increasingly marked by Mediterranean hurricanesAnd Or from vast areas of depression forming in our seas: These structures can persist in the atmosphere for several days, causing high rain with accumulative More than 200/300 liters per square meter In no time e Storms along the coasts more exposed.
Events of this kind occurred, among others, already in the first days of October, when exceptional rains (accumulated more than 800 mm in 24 ore) caused serious damage to Russian (Genoa) then also on a part of veneto with one flood Tornado series.

These configurations will be closely monitored as they represent a file grave danger many regions of our country.

Above average temperatures up to +1.5°C in the central south (Source: ECMWF)Above average temperatures up to +1.5°C in the central south (Source: ECMWF)Accueather Seasonal Forecast: Serious Flood Risks in the North CentralAccueather Seasonal Forecast: Serious Flood Risks in the North Central