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Here's how to get rid of this annoying stress caused issue which is very common but few know how to treat it

Few people know that with this amazing anti-aging product, you can revitalize dry, brittle hair

After the holiday, it is normal to feel brittle and damaged hair. Regular showering, sun, and salinity all contribute to damaging hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. This is especially true for those who have fine hair and are stressed by dyes and bleaches. But also for those who, for example, swim professionally or just for a passion. One of the most common causes of hair damage is chlorine in swimming pool water.

It is important to nourish your hair all year round

You should take care of your hair as much as possible. Using products that are appropriate for the type of hair and gentle on the scalp help to avoid unforeseen unpleasant events. Among all the formations of dandruff or flaking of the scalp, for example. but To get long, healthy and strong hair, it is always enough to use this secret that comes from the East. A really effective way to deeply nourish our beautiful hair that the ProiezionidiBorsa crew has already talked about.

Few people know that with this amazing anti-aging product, you can revitalize dry, brittle hair

But what do you do when the damage is already done and our hair is so damaged that it looks like straw? First of all, it’s a good idea to consider giving her a break. In this way we will be able to eliminate the unrecoverable peaks that are impossible to cure. An excuse to show off The story of the moment that purifies the face and gives volume to the hair.

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Then you can move on to a highly effective method of hair revitalization. We will have to apply this product for at least two weeks or so to see results. It is also good twice a week to avoid over stressing the hair by moisturizing it every day. The product we are talking about is nothing but hyaluronic acid.

Mostly popular for skin care, this product is also ideal for hair. In fact, thanks to its moisturizing properties, it is ideal for damaged and dry hair. Applying it to wet hair before drying helps nourish and restore it. It does not interact with colored hair so everyone can use it. There are many brands that sell hyaluronic acid at very competitive prices. So it’s also an economical remedy if you only think about the masks we make at the stylist.

Therefore, few people know that with this wonderful anti-aging product you can revitalize dry and brittle hair. After more or less two weeks, the hair will be softer and full of life.


For hair that is always clean and shiny, dry shampoo should always be used as such