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"I'm no longer the usual Noah, something was wrong" - RSI Swiss Radio and Television

“I’m no longer the usual Noah, something was wrong” – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

Things went really fast, maybe too fast. Tokyo Olympic medal, crushing and triumphant return to Ticino, and in ten days the plane is ready for the United States. A whirlwind of feelings Noè Ponti certainly wasn’t ready for, and after a few weeks, like a bolt out of the blue, here’s the decision to go home. “At first, the wave was engulfing you, and the effect was“ cool ”- said the Ticino swimmer himself in the studio at Domenica Sportiva – but after two weeks everything calmed down and I realized that I was not in addition to the usual Noah. Something was wrong, I was very lonely, and even from Ticino realized it. Luckily, they made me put everything I had inside, but I didn’t have the time to metabolize. I had to stop and think and understand what my priorities and goals were.”

The best option is to stay in Ticino: if it has gone well so far, I don’t understand why it doesn’t go well then.
Noah bridges

Noè Ponti’s final months have been simply brilliant, starting with that unforgettable Olympic bronze. “Things went so fast that I almost couldn’t comprehend – continued the young man from Locarno – I am aware of what I have done, I am happy, but I may not have fully understood what really happened. Now I am also calm. If I could be in more fitness A little bit in light of the appointments next year with the World Championships in Fukuoka and the European Championships in Rome. It certainly won’t be easy to win a medal but I will try to reach a final and then anything can happen.”

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The goal is to stay on top of the world in swimming
Noah bridges

Someone said that great powers come with great responsibilities. But also a great commitment to those close to you. Mauro Ponte, Noah’s father, knows something about it: “Everything that happened overshadowed him above all else, but then it was also an escalation for us as a family and we haven’t metabolized yet. Some contacts here in Ticino and in the next few weeks we will have meetings to understand how to organize ourselves.”

There are grounds to be able to juggle sport and study, certainly better than what could have been done six months ago
Mauro Ponte