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If people prefer Uber, there is a reason for that.  Taxi drivers have to question themselves.  "The Turn" (F. Artusa)

If people prefer Uber, there is a reason for that. Taxi drivers have to question themselves. “The Turn” (F. Artusa)

Today I decided to replace Fabio Ferrario. To the layman, Fabio is probably the number one Italian opponent for Uber and by profession he is the NCC. The “venting” he addressed to taxi drivers yesterday is certainly a turning point worth amplifying. It’s his idea, not mine, but I know what it cost him.

“I, Fabio, Fabito Ferrari, salute my friend Francesco Artusa, a friend and not a president who is not related to anyone, to whom I have already expressed my solidarity over the phone.
I take it broad: I’ve read about complaints that Uber gets more money and there are people who use it anyway. Comments of this kind are wasted and Uberlover is reached as the utmost satisfaction.
But ask yourself two questions rather.
People would rather pay more and not have to deal with you.
You must be professional before taxi driver.
But that’s good for net stock companies, so keep going.
As for the eggs, you’re a coward that’s all.
Get out of the car, come in there and look at you crushing my egg on the windshield.
I don’t know if I’m right in the singular, because if you’re not like a pack of wolves, you don’t do anything. You are the VAT number with the entrepreneurial spirit of Eskimo.
I’ll tell you more: my colleagues are right to use Uber.
Yes, you got it right, they work well.
I talk to my colleagues and they are happy, they work great and they charge more than you. Today I was on Linate and saw about 6,969 dumps that are, well, pretty good. Will it be your first Uber ride?
What is the problem? Which is? Are NCCs overseas?
Today, my company car (a colleague was driving, not me) was a target of whites. Hit and drown, on the rear window, practically backwards. From COWARDS as they wanted to prove. to delegate? from Milan.
And my boyfriend doesn’t have one, you know?
Is the company I work for Uber?
sir sir! My car rental doesn’t work with Uber. I add: I didn’t.
The main factor in choosing where to work was not to do Uber or Cagno.
So what’s the problem? Law?
what do you want from me? Go to the politicians.
But no, you came to me from NCC.
Scratch my car, maybe.
You could peck in my eyes if the window was open, perhaps.
Or you might get my clients’ attention.
What is certain is that today we had to re-wash the car. We sweat when washing cars, and we sweat even at work.
Of course you sweat less with shorts and a T-shirt.
They all have to go to Uber.
6969 (radiotaxi, ed) and Bitta will be the forerunners of your defeat, because you will no longer know who is throwing these damn eggs at them. to the NCC? For taxi drivers who have an agreement with Uber?
Who will you throw eggs in your head?
There will be more and more taxi drivers working with Uber and fleets. Fleets of taxi drivers who will work for Uber. The same is the case with NCCs.

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do you remember? I do, bad. I spent whole days praising colleagues. Now I tell taxi drivers, not cowards, taxi drivers, do Uber. Being!
My NCC colleagues are excited about it, you work and you earn, data in hand they showed me, trust me. Go to Uber.
You will see the work go up. As the NCC told me today you are untenable. Add a coward that cannot be recovered.
Good job for those who work, good.
be clear !!
I didn’t change my mind about Uber, I changed my mind about taxi drivers.”

Francesco Artusa, Head of Transport System