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“I deserve it, just like that”

“I deserve it, just like that”

Discussion and resolution on the adjustment of allowances and attendance fees is postponed “in view of the negative opinion expressed by the Education Senate”. But the rector doesn’t want to give it up because – he says – “it’s right that administrative responsibilities are adequately remunerated”. Rector of UniSalento, Fabio PolisBreaking his silence – defending a proposal to raise the allowances of the vice-chancellor and nine members of the board of directors – he defends himself from what he describes as a “personal attack” by some journalists. A person who falsely claims to have made a refund.

Thumbs up: “Legal Adaptation Required”

“Legislative adjustment is required because it is proposed by a Prime Ministerial decree that the minimum payment per rector is 110,000 euros and the maximum is 198,000 euros – explains the police during a press conference called after the meeting of the UniSalento Board of Directors – and proposed to the university bodies to bring it to a very low threshold” . Decision to adjust payments (Rector will go from the current 25,200 euros to 121,000 euros), in the last few hours, has been unleashed Dispute on the part of Flc Cgil of Lecce. And in the last session it was rejected by the Academic Senate, which expressed its negative opinion.

A negative opinion of the Academic Senate

“Believing that the opinion of the Education Senate, although I do not share it, is an important element – Police continues – Today I proposed to the Board of Directors not to discuss the topic, not intentionally, because we would be faced with a clear conflict of interest. However, the basic principle remains – he says -: it is right that management responsibilities are adequately remunerated because these responsibilities are completely transparent and need to be remunerated”.
The Rector adds: “The salaries given by the Prime Minister’s decree may seem high, but I do not define them. In any case, a very low compensation was proposed: I am very calm – he concludes – because I know I did the right thing.”

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