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I crave sweets after lunch. I will reveal to you the nutritionist’s secret to satisfying them without gaining weight

I crave sweets after lunch. I will reveal to you the nutritionist’s secret to satisfying them without gaining weight

Eat sweet –

Is eating sweets after lunch bad for your diet? This is the truth revealed by a nutritionist with a large following on social media.

In the vibrant world of nutrition, we often face a common dilemma: The temptation is dessert after lunch.

That little inner voice that whispers: “I would really like to Something sweet To feel 100% satisfied! It is an experience shared by many.

But, what's wrong with indulging in a little indulgence? a Biscuits with coffee Or a piece of chocolate that can really make a difference?

Here's the advice of a nutritionist Dispels the myth of the absolute prohibition of sweets It teaches us how to satisfy these desires in a balanced and guilt-free way.

Deprivation of the pleasure of sweets: the mistake we make, according to nutrition experts

The first step to controlling the desire to eat sweets is to understand that depriving yourself of pleasure only intensifies the desire. This situation can lead to a domino effect, where… Deprivation turns into excess Once we give up. Instead, the dietitian suggests evaluating whether daily meals are complete and satisfying.

You do not need to significantly reduce food portions or eliminate carbohydrates; The body feels its lack and then seeks it with interest. Moreover, it is important to remember this We have 5% of the added sugars available today, so it is not completely banned. When we talk about reducing sugars and fats, we often mean simply returning them to a natural, balanced state, not eliminating them completely.

Dessert after lunch
Eating chocolate –

Creative and healthy desserts: How to incorporate sugars into your daily diet

Another essential aspect is creativity in satisfying the craving for sweets. Fruits such as baked apples with cinnamon or figs with chocolate can become delicious and healthy alternatives. It is not necessary to resort to “proper” desserts without traditional ingredients Such as eggs, butter, sugar, or flour. Unless you have an allergy or intolerance, eating classic candy in moderation shouldn't be a source of guilt. These “similar” recipes on social media often confuse the true meaning of the food with its value.

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There are no recipes that will make you lose weight or gain weight by themselves; It is the overall context of nutrition and lifestyle that makes the difference. in the end, It is essential to listen to your bodyRealizing that he needs not only food and rules, but also sun, socialization, culture and personal care. So nothing makes you lose or gain weight in isolation; It is the complexity of our daily choices that always determines our well-being.