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Hubble is heading for recovery, but the space telescope is now at its limit

Hubble is heading for recovery, but the space telescope is now at its limit

near the end of october Hubble Space Telescope And reinsert Safe Mode Due to some synchronization problems between the telescope’s internal communication systems. According to a new report by wiredIt seems that NASA Slowly getting Hubble back to work More tests will be conducted later this week to see if the telescope’s systems can be fully reactivated.

It said , On November 7, the DHW system was reactivated (Advanced Camera for Surveys), but further tests are necessary before it is understood whether it is possible to proceed with the gradual reactivation of the other systems in the telescope. For now, in fact, the NASA engineering team is acting very cautiously, because any changes in voltage and temperature can add to the damage. Devices are now almost at the end of their lifecycle.

Significant hardware damage could forever jeopardize Hubble’s use, as there is currently no vehicle that can allow repairs as it did in the past thanks to the space shuttle. Anyway, it looks like Hubble doesn’t have much time before him now, while technical malfunctions are becoming more and more frequent; Her 31-year activism is just beginning to emerge.

spiritual heir, James Webb Space Telescopelaunch time approaching It will take approximately 1 month to publish -, but it will not be able to completely replace Hubble, because it will focus on observations at different wavelengths.

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