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How will we get out of the African tunnel?  And when?  WEATHER TOWARD FERRAGOSTO »Meteo Tuscany

How will we get out of the African tunnel? And when? WEATHER TOWARD FERRAGOSTO »Meteo Tuscany

weather trend. We’re left with hypotheses about the end of the hot wave in progress that say something could “scream” starting August 8/9. What remains of this hypothesis? Is it still valid?

First of all, there is a (not quite pleasant) confirmation that the intense heat will continue on schedule or most days of the week, peaking at the end of the week. We are talking of an intense heat, however, which should not lead to extreme peaks, but whose exceptionality will be represented rather by its persistence and persistence, throughout Italy. However, there will also be peaks close to 40 degrees.

they change. It is still possible, starting from the end of the first decade with the gradual reduction of the African summit in favor of the lesser-fired currents of Atlantic extraction. Therefore, the first change can manifest itself in this way, especially in the north and part of central Italy: with a slow decrease in temperatures and the appearance of progressively more urgent storms over the Alpine strip, but then, it will also follow over the Po Valley and in the central interior Italia.

The southern peninsula is still protected by the African Shield.

Therefore, for the time being, it is necessary to be patient and let the African pot “boil” until we see who and how, even partially, will replace it.

We are still, at the moment, targeting the August 10 goal, and we will see if everything is confirmed and if August 15, 2022 can also pass in a more pleasant atmosphere.

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