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How to have a pantry in a small kitchen: the super functional trick that everyone can access

How to have a pantry in a small kitchen: the super functional trick that everyone can access

If you have a small kitchen, it is important to have a pantry and save space. There is a very practical and practical method that you can adopt.

The kitchen is the room in the home designated for functions revolving around eating. Here we prepare our meals, store food, wash dishes, but we can also have our dining table. It is the environment that It has a very specific function and is rarely used for other purposes. Since I have to meet different needs, what we really want, when we think about the kitchen in our house, is for it to be big enough.

The idea actually A small kitchen with narrow spaces makes us completely uncomfortableOr because this means having to find the best way to organize everything that should be part of it. starting from The arrangement of the elements that compose it, up to the containment function From the parts allocated to the store. In particular, the pantry is one of the essential elements, and when we have a small kitchen, we should not despair, because there is a truly functional trick, able to make it super functional.

Here’s how to have a pantry in a small kitchen: The cool trick is within everyone’s reach

It turns out that having a pantry in the kitchen is of fundamental importance, also considering the amount of foods we buy daily that have to find space in our home.

Pantry: Here's how to fit it into a small kitchen

Pantry: here’s how to put it in a small kitchen (

The idea of ​​a classic kitchen can mislead us, because we usually think of standard elements that perform a specific function. For example, when we think of kitchen items, we think or To wall units, or to the basic elements consisting of doors And from the drawers.

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But the truth is that we are accustomed to a somewhat rigid idea about space and its composition. This doesn’t mean we can’t find ways To make the most of it. In fact, when we have little space in the kitchen, we can decide to use this trick: Design a full-height element that from the outside appears divided into doors and drawers Of various types.

But this is what it seems, while internally space is not divided, but it is One full height storeroom, Which can be opened on the front and side surfaces. For this reason, when it comes time to buy your own kitchen, you should be well aware of all the functions we want it to achieve.

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