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How to activate the chat function with Gemini on Google Chrome

How to activate the chat function with Gemini on Google Chrome

twin It's theartificial intelligence Developed by Google Which can talk to users about different topics. Gemini is not yet visible Google ChromeBut users can enable this feature in development versions of the browser. This way, they can chat with the chat client directly from the address bar in Chrome.

This feature is optional and depends on user preferences. Google recently launched Gemini 1.5, an improved version of the AI ​​with more capacity and power. NB: Chat with Gemini It doesn't work yet in Chrome Stable.

How to activate chat with Gemini in Chrome

To enable Chat with Gemini in ChromFollow the following steps:

  • Opens Canary Chrome (version 123.0.6304.0 or higher) and make sure it is updated. Just go to chrome://settings/help.
  • To write chrome://flags/#omnibox-starter-pack-expansion in the address bar and select Enabled for the Site Search Starter Pack expansion pack feature.
  • Restart Chrome.

Now the Chat with Gemini feature is enabled in Chrome.

Come and use Chat with Gemini in Chrome

To chat with Gemini at ChromWe go like this:

  • Type @ in the address bar and select Chat with Gemini from the options that appear.
  • Type or paste the text you want to send to Gemini and press Enter.
  • Chrome will redirect to the Gemini website. If you do not have an account, you must register to receive a response from Gemini.
  • If you have an account, you may see the home page for chatting with Gemini instead of replying. This means that Google is still working on the integration.
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An interesting detail is that Google uses this address to send data to Gemini: This allows other services to use Gemini, at least in theory.

Why Google is integrating Gemini into Chrome

integration twin in ChromGoogle aims to increase its visibility and reach, exploiting the popularity of its browser. For Chrome users, this integration may or may not be useful, depending on your tendency to interact withartificial intelligence and concerns about participation Data Personal.

Google It's not the only company promoting AI products through browser integration; Even the Giants love it Microsoft Mozilla is working on this, although such projects take time to materialize.

In general, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly central role in web browsers. Users who oppose it will likely be able to disable it, but not all browsers provide this option.