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How the fight against evasion is changing with the pandemic

How the fight against evasion is changing with the pandemic

how did it happen Fighting tax evasion with the pandemic? With the help of the state between bonus and contributions a lost moneyThe scope of work of the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza has also changed.

And among many financing and tax credits There are thousands of Euros that went to entrepreneurs who did not have the required conditions, and were not owed them.

I tax checks Therefore, they do not focus on “normal” operations, but also on the aid that has been disbursed so far, as well as on Online sales.

The MEF guidance for fiscal policy objectives 2021-2023 calls for intensified controls.

Lost money, state aid, and rewards: How the fight against evasion is changing with the pandemic

First aid in sight Finance Police NS revenue agency she Non-repayable contributions. In November 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding was drawn up based on a risk analysis (matching 2019 and 2020 transaction amount, repeat signers and any indications of tax fraud against them) to see who had access to non-repayable loans disbursed during the emergency period.

the inert behavior From the taxpayers who got toCompliance letter by Internal Revenue but not justified the anomalies reported. In particular we will look at the data electronic billing and the gods remote fee.

Tax evasion, controls on e-commerce have also been intensified

But the controls of the Guardia di Finanza and the Revenue Agency do not stop only at the disbursement and, perhaps, inappropriately receiving of aid: from their point of view there is alsoElectronic trade.

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In the midst of the epidemic there was a real pandemic Online sales boom. The controls relate to the crossing of data sent to the Revenue Agency with that held by the Guardia di Finanza. The checks are for tax residents and taxpayers who have identified themselves in Italy.

In particular, finally, taxpayers who did not file are under the magnifying glass Tax returns and value added tax.