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"Draghi Al Guerrero? Meloni's paradox, because she will vote immediately" - Libero Cottidiano

“Draghi Al Guerrero? Meloni’s paradox, because she will vote immediately” – Libero Cottidiano

The White Semester, I.e. launched for “free for all” parties. Now the question to be solved is: what will it do Sergio Matterella? Will he really elect a successor or will he be forced to remain in office until the end of the 2023 legislature? “No one knows what will happen after eight months, paradoxically not even Mattarella,” he declared. Massimo Franco A In the air, Where he was the guest of Conciida di Gregorio and David Barenzo.

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“With Mario Draghi – He added – There has been a very strong acceleration of political dynamics. In our opinion today we do not know what and how much pressure will be put on Matarella to somehow accept the most impossible. That’s one more year in Guerrero than expected. Who cares about keeping Mattarella in his place? He explained it Marco Tamilano, Always In the air: “Those interested in Tracy to continue to rule Italy”.

Starting from the EU: “He wants to be on track until 2023 because he has the funds to spend. Gudiloni, then the candidate for Kudrinel, announced that 45 per cent of the funds would be spent by 2022 and that the Drake government should remain in office. Then there are the less classic party interests: for example, the Democrats, of course, think that Matterella should continue, and have less confidence in the federal government, which will immediately choose to vote for Tracy. ”This is especially the case. Georgia Maloney: “The paradox is that Drake’s only opposition will happily vote to send him to Kurinale and collect the ballots.”

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