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Hot and stuffy, today is Sharon’s worst day: two dead in the Brescia region.  Electricity consumption is still rising: towards a record

Hot and stuffy, today is Sharon’s worst day: two dead in the Brescia region. Electricity consumption is still rising: towards a record

Europe, Asia and North America continue to experience extreme temperatures in many regions, with already high temperatures sparking wildfires in recent days. From California to China, authorities have warned of the health risks associated with these temperatures, urging people to drink water and seek shelter from the sun. Also in Europe, many regions have been put on high alert because of the “extreme danger” these temperatures pose.While firefighters battle a blaze that has devastated 3,500 hectares in the archipelago Canary Islands.

“We can’t be on the street, it’s awful, awful, awful,” complains Lydia Rodriguez, 29, from Madrid. «Being from Seville, I’m used to the heat, but it was stuffy“, He said.

According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet), on Tuesday temperatures reached 45.3°C in Figueres, in Catalonia (northeast), and 43.7°C in the Balearic Islands.

Temperature records were broken around the world on Tuesday and more heatwaves are expected on Wednesday. Beijing broke a 23-year record with 27 consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 35 degrees. Phoenix, the capital of the southern US state of Arizona, broke a similar 49-year record with its 19th straight day of temperatures at or above 102.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meteorological services in the south of France announced the breaking of altitude records mainly in the Alps, the Pyrenees and the island of Corsica. These records are 8°C to 11.9°C higher than the seasonal average.

The United Nations called on the world to prepare for “more intense heat waves”, urging everyone to prepare their own “contingency plans” to deal with these extreme temperatures day and night. After Cerberus, Charon’s heat wave, named after the navigator from the underworld, laps the coasts of the northern Mediterranean.

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In Greece, according to the fire brigade, 47 fires broke out in the past 24 hours. Two of them, west of Athens, were not yet under control by late Tuesday. A new heat wave, with maximum temperatures of 44°C, is expected in Greece starting tomorrow. In Italy, 20 cities have been put on high alert.

In Rome, the thermometer reached 40 degrees CelsiusAnd Just below the local record of 40.5°C set in August 2007. However, this did not prevent tourists from visiting the Eternal City, where 2,500 fountains of potable water were available to quench their thirst. Early on Tuesday afternoon, the highest temperature was recorded in Italy, which holds the heat record for mainland Europe, with 48.8°C measured in Sicily on August 11, 2021, 44°C in Ragusa, was in the same region. The authorities had to take special precautions to protect young and old from the heat. “We don’t allow children to play sports, we exchange them, three days on the beach, three days in the woods,” Morgana Coca, director of a center in Lanusi, Sardinia, told AFP.

In the United States, the weather services are noticing an “overwhelming” heatwave in the south. Several very violent fires in California led to the evacuation of the population. The largest of these, the Rabbit Fire, has burned about 3,200 hectares. In Canada, smoke has already engulfed more than ten million hectares this year, and 882 fires were still active Monday, of which 579 were considered out of control, according to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center. the JapanMeanwhile, it has issued heatstroke alerts in 32 of its 47 provinces, which are seeing temperatures close to the all-time record of 41.1C recorded in 2018.Clearly climate change. Before (in Yamanashi Prefecture near Tokyo) the temperature had never reached 30 degrees. Now he does it easily,” laments Tomoya Abe, 50, who has just returned from a camping trip to escape his apartment in the capital, “where the temperature can reach 37 degrees Celsius.”

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