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$1 million for the nanny, and none for ex-husband Donald


Ivana Trumpthe first wife From the former president of United State Donald Trumpleft about a million dollars to the nanny who raised her daughter Ivanka Trump and kids Eric And Donald Jr. , except for him will Ex-husband Donald. Model and Show Actress, Ivana passed away suddenly on July 15, 2022 at New York At the age of 73 he left in all $34 million in assets.

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In his will, as reported by Forbes, we read that most of the assets were to be divided among his three children. On the other hand, Donald Trump got nothing. The most important asset of Ivana’s estate is a house located in New York City in the middle of Central Park. The sons are currently trying to sell it, asking for the adjusted figure of $26.5 million, and the proceeds should be divided equally between Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric, according to the will of mother Ivana.

Thus, he could be the biggest beneficiary outside of Ivana’s children Dorothy Carey, who has worked with the family as a nanny for decades. He later became Ivana’s assistant and remained close to the family for years. In addition to an apartment in Florida, valued at more than $1 million, Curry is expected to take in Ivana’s baby dog, a Yorkshire Terrier called Tiger Trump.

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