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Here's how it's changed in three years

Here’s how it’s changed in three years

Rome Three seasons have passed since his arrival in the capital. He was 25 June 2018 When a boy is shy and amazed at a new adventure He supported the medical examinations for Roma, then signed his first contract and started training with Eusebio Di Francesco’s team. devastating effect Nikolo Zaniolo With the Roma shirt, within a few weeks of the start of the season he became one of the Ansar Of the team and among the most promising talents in Italian football.

But then the wounds, you enter on the Crusader Is that A little muscle stabilization Who seriously risked compromising his way, as has already happened over the years at youth academies. ‘I also thought about quitting smoking’The boy admitted after injuring his second knee. He forgot the words right away But with incredible power will Who has the Paid to work hard on his body. He had to gain a lot of muscle by doing something Strengthening Thigh muscles but not only. Zaniolo also trained in the gym during injuries It strengthens the whole body, to finally be able to overcome his vulnerability to injuries. The result was amazing. In three years as you can see in the picture, Niccolo has strengthened and his influence in the game has become even more devastating. Didn’t lose speed but increased strength. The results can be seen on the field.

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