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Hello Gianluca!  Only if you were Sampdoriano or Juventus today would you understand…

Hello Gianluca! Only if you were Sampdoriano or Juventus today would you understand…

A Sampdorian player and a Juventus player were brought together by the hero Gianluca Vialli, for them he was not just a player, but a symbol of an era. The legendary Scudetto man and the best Sampdoria ever, and another Juventus Champions League man,

Gianluca Vialli wasn’t just a powerful striker and a beautiful person, he was a true leader who proved he was in every circumstance. He’s been everywhere, more than anyone else, at Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea and he would also have been a coach if he had gone that route, but he didn’t need further confirmation, his star was already very bright and he would like to. never go out.

For Sampdoria fans, January 6 is a sad day because all the fans got to know Vialli, beyond the fact that he left Sampdoria for Juventus, he adopted him and paid them his best pages. their history.

For Juventus fans it’s different, Juventus won many league titles but few champions and Vialli in that season with Marcello Lippi and in the previous season they gave two of their best seasons, with 3-2 against Fiorentina, the real main match in the first Scudetto of The Lippi era, with two goals and the will to win goes further then with the Champions League in Rome, with the will to win visible on his face, like never before.

Anyone who was a teenager in those years and a Juventus fan might have wanted to be Baggio because of his style, but many wanted to be Vialli for his personality, his leadership, his way of fighting and getting off him perhaps for less. class but with more design.

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Vialli gave Juventus fans a dream, that great feats can be achieved if one has the personality of a lion, Vialli was and rejected even in a moment of illness, terrible, lived quietly and with great elegance, never giving up.

Only if you are a Sampdorian or a Juventus player, do you understand today, for only one reason, because if you are a fan, the heroes become your companions, the idols, you adore them as loved ones or brothers and Vialli, because of his method. From being so into each of the fans, she was a part of them. I was a teenager and I had Luca Vialli stickers, my Juventus team cards and I felt like one of the family, even if it obviously couldn’t be…

Hi Gianluca, we will miss you, but we will never stop looking for your heir in the Juventus champions of tomorrow, for attitude, desire and determination, but you will always be unique. rest in peace