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Lorella Cuccarini, De Filippi’s high treason? Unimaginable rumors are spreading – Libero Quotidiano

Lorella Cucarini found after him in friends, where he enjoys great success as a professor. Channel 5 talent created and implemented by Maria Devilipi Always super strong, but there are rumors Cuccarini may reciprocate in the future: “It’s been whispered that some important Rai executives have been holding onto her lately courting insistentlyAlberto Dandolo writes in Today.

He added that they consider it the face of a daily program that mixes current events and gossip news, or as an alternative to prime time. What would the most beloved of Italians choose to do? Will he change sides? Time will tell.” Cuccarini recently released an interview in which she also talks about how she came to be friends: “It was me who went to Maria, because it was a complicated moment, a moment when I let go of an experience that tore me apart, because it was so difficult. I wanted to talk to someone, to someone I didn’t know, and I felt he could listen, and I just went there to have a conversation Actually “.

“And then,” he added, “he talked about this, and after a while he called me again and said, ‘But you’ friends Will you do it?’ Of course I told her yes, and this is how our collaboration was born. Your respect for me is respect for your colleague. But Maria is a woman from whom we learn a lot, she is a woman who is always there, she is a woman who knows how to stay in front of the scenes, who knows how to stay behind the scenes. He can always say the right thing at the right time, he never loses his cool.”

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