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“He chose Bayern Munich to start over.”

“He chose Bayern Munich to start over.”

Munich, Germany) – The future of Antonio Conte He always takes center stage, especially now that we've entered the final stretch of the season and the teams with relevant seats are already on the move. Conte's name has been linked to several Italian League teams, but Bild surprisingly reported this from Germany Former Juventus coach He would have set his sights on a foreign club Bayern Monaco.

Bayern and Tuchel are increasingly in the balance

The German newspaper reported that Conte would consider the German champions to be his favorite team to return to the race. Bayern's bench is already more in doubt than ever given the disappointing season so far in the Bundesliga (minus 2nd place behind Bayer Leverkusen), the shock round-of-32 elimination in the cup at the hands of Saarbrücken and a disappointing defeat in the tournament. The first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Lazio.

Tuchel's relationship with Bayern's management has reached an all-time low, and the poll on his potential heir has begun with Bild citing other contenders in addition to Conte: Zinedine Zidane, Sebastian Hoeneß And that Xabi Alonso Which leads Leverkusen to the dream of its first national title.

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